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The Tools/Research Section contains useful toolkits, apps and databases for immigrants and their advocates. All of these links and much more can also be found in the Resources Search page.

ACLU Know Your Rights Booklet
The ACLU's Know Your Rights booklet provides effective and useful guidance in a user-friendly question and answer format. The booklet addresses what rights you have when you are stopped, questioned, arrested, or searched by law enforcement officers. This booklet is for citizens and non-citizens with extra information for non-citizens in a separate section. This free booklet is available for download in English, Spanish|, French , Arabic , Farsi , Urdu and American Sign Language video |. An older (2003) version of the booklet is available in Hindi , Punjabi , Somali . Key Words: Deaf, Hard of Hearing
My Fellow American
A project of Unity Productions Foundation (UPF), My Fellow American is an online film and social media project that calls upon concerned Americans to pledge and spread a message that Muslims are our fellow Americans. It asks people of other backgrounds to pledge, and share a real life story about a Muslim friend, neighbor, or colleague that they admire. Using the power of social media, My Fellow American seeks to change the narrative - from Muslims as the other, to Muslims as our fellow Americans. Key Words: Islam, Positive Resource
Refugee Council USA
The RCUSA is a coalition of 22 U.S.-based non-governmental organizations, is dedicated to refugee protection, welcome, and excellence in the U.S. refugee resettlement program. Post-Election Refugee Took Kit, Key Words:
Refugee Phrasebooks - 16 Languages
In the 1980s and 1990s, the Cultural Orientation Resource Center was funded to develop phrasebooks for selected refugee populations. These phrasebooks include appropriate English phrases for use in daily American life, selected to be direct, brief, and relevant. Among the nineteen units included are sections on Giving Information About Yourself, Recognizing Signs, Dealing With Money, Health, Food, Clothing, Housing, and Jobs. Each phrasebook is approximately 140 pages and can be downloaded for free. Languages: Russian, Spanish, Bosnian / Croatian / Serbian, Chinese (Cantonese), , Somali . Czech, Farsi , Haitian Creole, Hungarian, Hmong,, Khmer . Lao , Polish and Vietnamese
Unity Production Foundation Films
The mission of Unity Productions Foundation (UPF) is to counter bigotry and create peace through the media. UPF produces films that tell compelling stories for television, online viewing, and theatrical release. These films are part of long-term educational campaigns aimed at increasing understanding among people of different faiths and cultures, especially among Muslims and other faiths. Key Words: Interfaith, Multi-cultural, Islam, Video, Positive Resource
Education and Community Outreach Toolkit for SCOTUS Immigration Announcement
The purpose of this toolkit is to provide your organization with useful templates, resources and tools that can be deployed following the 6/24/16 Supreme Court announcement on the immigration Administrative Relief programs, DAPA and expanded DACA (United States vs. Texas). The materials in this toolkit should help increase and maximize the outreach and community education efforts of legal service providers, immigration advocacy organizations, and other immigrant serving agencies. Produced by CIRI (Committee for Immigration Reform Implementation)
Raids Rapid Response Toolkit
Jan. 2016. This toolkit contains information and tools that should help you respond if ICE conducts raids in your community, including Know Your Rights Booklets and videos in English and Spanish, materials for community outreach and a social media campaign, links and phone numbers to report activities and stay updated on developments across the country.
American Red Cross (ARC) - Free Disaster Preparation and Response Apps
Spanish language toggle feature on Red Cross Disaster Preparation Apps Tornado, Hurricane, Earthquake, Flood, Wildfire, and First Aid (even Pet First Aid). Also includes Monster Guard disaster prep game for children. in Android, iPhone and iPad. | Spanish |
Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services: Case Status
The BCIS (Formerly INS) recently opened Case Status online letting customers with applications at a BCIS Service Center conveniently check the status of their case over the internet. As a next step in improving service customers can also call 1-800-375-5283 toll-free for automated case status assistance on Service Center filed cases.
CIVIC - End Isolation
CIVIC is the national immigration detention visitation network, which is working to end U.S. immigration detention by monitoring human rights abuses, elevating stories, building community-based alternatives to detention, and advocating for system change. Key Words: Humanitarian
Children of Immigrants Data Tool
This Urban Institute tool enables users to generate detailed charts of the characteristics of children age 0 to 17 nationwide and for individual states and the District of Columbia.
Citizenship Matters
Jul 25, 2014. Published by Program for Environmental And Regional Equity / Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration - This report released by the Center for American Progress and the Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration at USC details just how important the actions of both parties and the President on these pressing matters are to one of the fastest-growing segments of the electorate: the children of immigrants.
Citizenship Works
Contains information and tools to help immigrants determine their eligibility for citizenship and understand the naturalization process.
FEMA Mobile Disaster App
The app provides a customizable checklist of emergency supplies, maps of open shelters and Disaster Recovery Centers, and tips on how to survive natural and manmade disasters. The latest version (May, 2016) features weather-related alerts from the National Weather Service (NWS). Users can sign up to receive these alerts for up to five locations across the U.S.The |Spanish| of the app is available for download to Android and Apple devices. Key words: Federal Emergency Management System
HHS Multi-Cultural Resources for Health Information
Cultural Competency, Glossaries, Multi-language Dictionaries, Limited English Proficiency, LEP, Health Resources in Multiple Languages, Multi-cultural research,
This guide was created for educators, school support staff and service providers who teach, mentor and help open the doors of opportunity for undocumented youth and unaccompanied and refugee children currently living in the US. Its critically important that educators, school support staff and service providers know the tools and resources available to help protect and prepare youth and families for an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raid. June, 2016
Immigration Advocates Network (IAN)
The IAN is a collaborative effort of leading immigrants' rights organizations designed to increase access to justice for low-income immigrants and strengthen the capacity of organizations serving them. The IAN Non-Profit Resource Center provides an assortment of free, easily accessible and comprehensive online resources and tools. Key Words: Legal Library, Listserv, Podcasts, Professional Training, Calendar, Alerts, Membership
Receiving Communities Toolkit - Immigrant Integration
Oct 2011 The Receiving Communities Toolkit focuses on communities where new immigrants have made their homes, helping neighbors build relationships through trust and understanding. The toolkit draws upon and highlights a growing body of promising yet often little-known efforts that successfully bridge divides between immigrants and longer-term residents in receiving communities across the country, the communities where newcomers settle. These efforts build meaningful connections between immigrants and the native born through contact, improved communication and leadership in order to foster stronger and more unied communities.
Refugee Health Information Network (rhin)
RHIN is a national collaborative partnership that has created a database of quality multilingual, public health resources for those providing care to resettled refugees and asylees. Resources include Health education materials in various languages and formats (brochures, fact sheets, videos), Provider tools (including information on refugee populations and cultures), and information on Emergency Preparedness and Response for vulnerable populations.
Searching for Sanctuary - ILRC Analysis of US Cities & Counties
1/2017 ILRC identified seven different types of policies to consider in assessing the extent of local assistance with immigration enforcement in different jurisdictions. We used these factors to evaluate the extent to which local law enforcement agencies offer voluntary assistance to ICE. Without enacting policies to preserve local resources and safety for the entire community, regardless of immigration status, local law enforcement will continue to be extensively involved in deportations. Key Words: Immigrant Legal Resource Council
USCIS DACA Toolkit for Community Partners
Aug 5, 2014. The toolkit includes: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program overview . "How Do I Request Consideration of DACA?" customer guide, Tip sheet, Frequently asked questions, DACA process infographic, "Avoid Immigration Scams" flier, and a List of federal government resources.
USCIS Tools to Avoid Scammers
The USCIS wants to combat immigration services scams by equipping applicants, legal service providers and community-based organizations with the knowledge and tools they need to detect and protect themselves from dishonest practices. Links to information about how to find authorized legal immigration help, common scams and where to report them. | Spanish |
Jan 2016. Know Your Rights Video. 10 minute video in English and |Spanish| advising how to interact with authorities.
iAmerica is a national campaign driven by diverse organizations, created to offer informational tools and interactive opportunities for immigrants and their families to become full participants in our nations democracy. The website is a centralized platform with accessible and credible essential services and information for immigrant families. Key Words: DACA, DAPA, Collaborative, Immigration Legal, Citizenship