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ImmigrantInfo.org is a collaborative project, sponsored by the Santa Clara County Office of Immigrant Relations (SCC OIR) and the South Bay Consortium of Adult Education (SBCAE). This unique partnership is creating new connections between immigration/citizenship service providers and the adult education providers that are helping newcomers through access to English, literacy, life skills, vocational training, employment assistance and a path to higher education. Working together, these partners can lead immigrants and their families to achieve higher levels of civic participation, financial security and social comfort.

Since 2001, ImmigrantInfo.org has maintained an in-depth, searchable database of current ESL and citizenship classes in Santa Clara County, CA.

Over time we added a categorized/searchable database of over 700 links to local, state and national government, educational, and non-profit resources used by immigrants, advocates, caseworkers, policy-makers, researchers, students and teachers.

We also post research, demographics and photos to expand awareness and understanding of our diverse populations and the value that they bring with them from all over the world.

We have created a community calendar for Santa Clara County immigration and citizenship related events, as well as non-political ethnic celebrations and holidays. Future plans include initiating a blog sharing immigrant stories and perspectives for a deeper understanding of the experience we are all sharing.

For more information contact: Administrator@Immigrantinfo.org

Santa Clara County Office of Immigrant Relations

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Through numerous County investments, the Office of Immigrant Relations (OIR) has served as a leading resource that has helped local governments and other entities to understand the issues, needs, and contributions of immigrants. OIR has worked with local agencies on immigrant integration programs and to prepare hundreds of community members for civic engagement and cross-cultural understanding. Over 132,000 residents have benefited from the citizenship services that Santa Clara County funds through the Citizenship Collaborative.


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Office of Immigrant Relations County Government Center

70 W. Hedding St., East Wing, 11th Floor
San Jose, CA 95110
Email: immigrant.relations@ceo.sccgov.org

The Santa Clara County Citizenship Collaborative was formed in 1997 to address the needs of immigrants by providing information, referrals, and direct citizenship application services. Through general fund monies, Santa Clara County invests in immigration legal services with local accredited agencies in Santa Clara County to provide assistance with immigration legal issues.

These services are designed to help immigrants with immigration issues such as family visa petition, employment authorizations, removal of conditional status; assisting immigrants to obtain permanent residency under the Violence Against Women Act; helping victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse and human trafficking to obtain work authorization, permanent residency leading to path to citizenship, etc.

Currently Santa Clara County funds a number of agencies including:

Additional Trusted Providers of low cost immigration assistance can be found on the Immigrant Info Page

The South Bay Coalition of Adult Education

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The SBCAE is a consortium of four colleges and five adult education schools in Santa Clara County, CA, working together to build pathways for adult learners to have some economic self sufficiency in an area with one of the highest costs of living in the country. The consortium is dedicated to create a positive collective impact on the local workforce and build a just economy and healthy community.

Since its Charter in 2015, the consortium has facilitated the connection and coordination of many of the providers of ESL and Citizenship classes to promote the “No Wrong Door” policy and assure that adult learners will find continuity and support as they work towards their goals.

As the California adult education environment continues to evolve, SBCAE has been instrumental in keeping stakeholders informed and focusing awareness on the needs of low income immigrant adult learners.

Community Partners

SBCAE's community partners created a three year regional plan which is currently being implemented. Connection with the community remains a high priority and the consortium continues to hold regular public meetings to review progress.

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