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ImmigrantInfo.org has been sponsored by the Santa Clara County Office of Immigrant Relations since 2001. The site was created by Ed and Franci Collins and continues to be administered in collaboration with the SCC OIR and local service providers.  This unique website has evolved over time, creating and maintaining connections between the SCC ethnic communities, immigration/citizenship service providers, social services, adult education providers, and community advocates.  Working together, these partners can lead immigrants, refugees, and their families to achieve higher levels of education, civic participation, financial security and social comfort.

Over time we added a categorized/searchable database of over 1000 links to local, state and national government, educational, and non-profit resources used by immigrants, advocates, caseworkers, policy-makers, researchers, librarians, students and teachers. Focus is on multi-language and culturally sensitive sources for information and services.  We also post research, demographics and photos to expand awareness and understanding of our diverse populations, their beauty, and the value that they bring with them from all over the world.  Dropdown Immigrantinfo Tabs highlight specific areas of interest, including: SCC Resources and Information, Immigration & Citizenship updated info and local resources, Education related info about local post secondary education, skill training, eligibility and scholarships, Disaster Preparation and Response, Immigrant Related Apps and Tools, and Rapid Response Network of local advocates and attorneys.

The ESL Resources page contains a list of current Santa Clara County ESL Providers, as well as links to various free multi-language online tools for ESL teachers and students.

In February, 2020, a separate COVID-19 Tab was created to highlight the changes that are happening in virtually all areas of service, due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.  These are constantly updated to capture new programs, applications and deadlines for grants and assistance, and specialized resources.  These include: News and Info (including Government Proclamations, Public Health Guidelines, COVID-19 News and Information), Basic Needs (Including Food Resources and Access, Housing, Healthcare, Insurance, Childcare, Financial Assistance (Grants and Loans), Access & Functional Needs (AFN), Disaster Advocacy and Legal Assistance, etc.), Immigrants (including info and resources relevant mainly to non-citizens of all immigration statuses), Education and Employment (including Resources for students and teachers Community Colleges, Adult Ed, Distance Learning, Employment Opportunities, Job Search, Workers Rights), Mental Health (including Counseling, Stress Reduction Tools, Grief, Spiritual and Emotional Support, Therapy, Staying at Home Tips, Amusements, Activities, Children), Non-Profits (including resources, guidelines, information, and collaborations for non-profit service providers), Small Business (Loans and Guidelines for emergency economic response and recovery - CARES, Chamber of Commerce, SBA, SVCN, Local Government Assistance), Children (including COVID-19 information and resources for children, parents, teachers and advocates including Shelter-In-Place/Quarantine amusements and learning tools).  

The Community Calendar posts Santa Clara County immigration and citizenship related events, as well as ethnic celebrations and other informational workshops and events of value. Local organizations are invited to send information about events that are free, non-political and non-denominational. Immigrantinfo.org does not post advertisements or endorsements of any for-profit events or products.

A blog section shares information, articles, and photos to offer a deeper understanding of the experience we are all sharing.  

For more information contact: Administrator@Immigrantinfo.org

Santa Clara County Office of Immigrant Relations

Through numerous County investments, the Office of Immigrant Relations (OIR) has served as a leading resource that has helped local governments and other entities to understand the issues, needs, and contributions of immigrants. OIR has worked with local agencies on immigrant integration programs and to prepare hundreds of community members for civic engagement and cross-cultural understanding.  The mission of OIR is to:

  • Provide ongoing analysis of local impacts to ensure effective planning in response to various policies and practices that affect immigrants
  • Promote effective coordination of services to facilitate full inclusion of immigrants and entire immigrant communities
  • Identify, promote, and apply best practices in immigrant integration
  • Provide ongoing research and analysis of existing and emerging immigrant community needs
  • Heighten community awareness of immigrant contributions
  • Collaborate and support organizations working to improve the lives of immigrants



Office of Immigrant Relations

2460 N 1st St., Ste 220
San Jose, California 95131
Email: immigrant.relations@ceo.sccgov.org
General number (408) 678-1430‚Äč

The Santa Clara County Citizenship Collaborative was formed in 1997 to address the needs of immigrants by providing information, referrals, and direct citizenship application services. Through general fund monies, Santa Clara County invests in immigration legal services with local accredited agencies in Santa Clara County to provide assistance with immigration legal issues.

These services are designed to help immigrants with immigration issues such as family visa petition, employment authorizations, removal of conditional status; assisting immigrants to obtain permanent residency under the Violence Against Women Act; helping victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse and human trafficking to obtain work authorization, permanent residency leading to path to citizenship, etc.

Currently Santa Clara County funds a number of agencies including: