SBCAE Immigrant Integration Goal

3. Credentials & Residency

Obtaining Credentials and Residency is a goal for many immigrants seeking documentation, work permits, or U.S. citizenship. It can also be a critical step towards achieving other goals that require one to possess a specific status, credential or other document.

The resources listed below are organizations and other information in support of this goal.

After Trump’s threat of immigration raids, San Jose police chief and mayor reassure community
6/24/19 Chief Eddie Garcia and Mayor Sam Liccardo met with members of a Spanish-speaking church Sunday. Less than a day after President Donald Trump postponed nationwide immigration raids that were planned for Sunday, San Jose’s police chief and mayor reassured nearly 500 members of a Spanish-speaking church that local police won’t participate in federal immigration enforcement. Key Words: Deportation, ICE, ALLIES3
Bay Area immigrant families prepare for ICE raids with emergency plans
3/3/18 The plans include details on everything from who will look after their children and their pets if they're detained to what they'll do with their homes, what clothes they'll pack and where they'll stow emergency cash and important documents. It's a phenomenon that's become increasingly common amongst Dreamers and undocumented families as they prepare for the unrelenting immigration enforcement that ICE has promised in the nation's only sanctuary state. Key Words: Rapid Response, RRN, ALLIES3
CA extends new protections to immigrants under laws signed by Newsom
10/24/19 The legislation signed by Newsom also expands California’s college student loan program for so-called Dreamers, young immigrants brought to the country illegally as children, to include students seeking graduate degrees at the University of CA and CA State University schools. Undergraduate Dreamers already are eligible for those loans and in-state tuition. The new laws take effect Jan. 1. Amid an escalating feud with the Trump administration and its aggressive plans to deport immigrants, California also adopted a new law forbidding immigration agents from making civil arrests inside state courthouses. Newsom also extended Medi-Cal coverage to adults in the U.S. illegally through the age of 25. Key Words: DACA, Deferred Action, ICE, RNN, ALLIES3, ALLIES5
CHILDREN - Immigration Options for Undocumented Immigrant Children
8/18 A collection of one-page fact sheets fro ILRC on: *Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS) * Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) * U Visa * Trafficking Visa (T Visa) * Asylum * Temporary Protected Status (TPS) * Family Visas * Conditional Permanent Residence * Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) * Non-LPR Cancellation of Removal Advocates should only use these fact sheets for quick reference. Please consult with an immigration expert before filing any applications for relief with USCIS. Key Words: Legal, ALLIES3
DACA and the Supreme Court and What the Future May Hold for DACA Beneficiaries
11/19 This report from the Center for Migration Studies gives an overview of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, provides a statistical profile of DACA recipients, and identifies the impact that the program has had. Finally, the author gives recommendations for allies and advocates, policymakers, immigrant-serving populations and others. Key Words: ALLIES3, immigration
DHS Extends TPS Documentation for 6 Countries
11/1/19 The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) today announced a Federal Register notice extending the validity of TPS-related documentation for beneficiaries under the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) designations for El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Nepal, Nicaragua and Sudan through Jan. 4, 2021. The notice automatically extends the validity of Employment Authorization Documents; Forms I-797, Notice of Action; and Forms I-94, Arrival/Departure Record (collectively, TPS-related documentation). Key Words: Immigration, ALLIES3
EMPLOYMENT - Upwardly Global
Highly qualified immigrant professionals want to rebuild their careers here in the U.S., but they're not familiar with the American way to job search. We are a nonprofit organization that helps highly-skilled immigrants, refugees and asylees reclaim their careers here in the United States and helps American employers discover and understand this hidden talent pool. Professional Licensing Guides | Offices in San Francisco and San Jose, CA English Flyer | Spanish Flyer | Russian Flyer | Chinese Flyer | Portuguese Flyer | Key Words: Employment, Career, Professional, Allies3, RIF
Fact Sheet - DHS Agreements with Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador
10/25/19 In recognizing the push and pull factors which cause irregular migration to the U.S., DHS has entered into agreements and arrangements with the countries of the northern region of Central America, El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala, to further expand asylum capabilities and improve safety, security, and prosperity throughout the region. Multi-language: Spanish | Key Words: ALLIES3
Good Moral Character - Expanded USCIS Guidance
12/20/19 In addition to the permanent bars to good moral character (GMC), the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) and corresponding regulations include bars to GMC that are not permanent in nature. USCIS refers to these bars as “conditional bars.” These bars are triggered by specific acts, offenses, activities, circumstances, or convictions within the statutory period for naturalization, including the period prior to filing and up to the time of the Oath of Allegiance.[An offense that does not fall within a permanent or conditional bar to GMC may nonetheless affect an applicant’s ability to establish GMC Key Words: ALLIES3, Citizenship
How law enforcement agencies undermine the U visa
11/7/19 For this story, Reveal sought to examine how U visa certification requests were handled in the 10 states with the largest immigrant populations. 4 of those states – California, New Jersey, Illinois and Washington – have mandates that require law enforcement agencies to sign requests for victims of violent crimes who have been helpful to authorities. We contacted more than 100 law enforcement agencies in the other 6 states: New York, Massachusetts, Georgia, Virginia, Florida and Texas. The departments serve the largest immigrant communities within their respective states. We found that nearly 1 of every 4 of these agencies create barriers never envisioned under the U visa program. Key Words: KYR, ALLIES3, Know Your Rights
IMMIGRANTS - ICE Guidance During COVID-19
3/21/20 Outline of ICE procedures and policies to accommodate the COVID-19 pandemic, including enforcement, detention, deportation, immigration court cases, application processing, interviews, visitation, and more. Key Words: ALLIES3, RRN, Rapid Response
IMMIGRANTS - Knowing Your Rights Builds Power
The Santa Clara County Office of Immigrant Relations (OIR) cares deeply about all residents, no matter their immigration status. SCC funds and provides services to all residents regardless of immigration status. You and your family may be eligible for the County's health services, housing programs, and others. Every family is different. To make the right choice for your family, consult with trusted legal service providers. The OIR can connect you to a variety of agencies that can answer your questions for free or at low cost. Also check the Events page to find workshops that will resume after the pandemic shut-down, throughout the county. Key Words: KYR, COVID-19
IMMIGRANTS - Public Charge and COVID-19 Clarification from USCIS
3/19/20 The USCIS encourages all those, including aliens, with symptoms that resemble Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) (fever, cough, shortness of breath) to seek necessary medical treatment or preventive services. Such treatment or preventive services will not negatively affect any alien as part of a future Public Charge analysis. The Inadmissibility on Public Charge Grounds final rule is critical to defending and protecting Americans’ health and its health care resources. The Public Charge rule does not restrict access to testing, screening, or treatment of communicable diseases, including COVID-19. In addition, the rule does not restrict access to vaccines for children or adults to prevent vaccine-preventable diseases. Multi-language: Spanish
IMMIGRANTS - SCC DACA Collaborative and funds Scholarships to Help Cover Renewal Fees
COVID-19 Update: Scholarship money is still available for qualifying DACA Renewal applicants. Facilities are closed due to the Shelter In Place order, but assistance is offered through telephone or Skype. At any time the Supreme Court may issue a decision that will end this opportunity. Inquire now! ------------------------------------------------------------------- The Santa Clara County DACA Collaborative is providing DACA Renewal scholarships to those who qualify. To receive an eligibility screening, visit organizations listed below or attend one of the free DACA Renewal Application Workshops. *Services Immigrant Rights & Education Network (SIREN) *Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County (CCSCC) *Center for Employment Training (CET) *Katherine & George Alexander Community Law Center (KGACLC) *Asian Law Alliance (ALA) (a non-funded partner)
IMMIGRANTS - Santa Clara County Upholds Sanctuary Policy; No Cooperation With ICE
6/4/19 SAN JOSE (KPIX 5) — Santa Clara County will not be providing any special cooperation with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials when potential illegal immigrants are about to leave county jail, even in the cases of violent offenders. The Board of Supervisors Tuesday voted 5-0 to uphold their existing policy of non-cooperation with ICE. Key Words: ALLIES3
IMMIGRANTS - USCIS Coronavirus Response - Citizen and Immigration Services
3/23/20 All offices in the Bay Area and around the country are closed to the public. There are no interviews, biometric appointments or oath ceremonies until at least the shelter-in-place orders lift. Staff is still working (remotely) and the agency is still accepting mail and online applications. If anyone needs to come into the office for an emergency regarding their immigration documents, they should contact the USCIS Contact Center (5am to 5pm PST) toll-free 1-800-375-5283 or 1-800-767-1833 (TDD) to make an appointment with the local office.Key Words: ALLIES3, COVID-19
IMMIGRANTS - Why Asian Immigrants Are Uniquely Vulnerable To Trump’s Looming ICE Raids
6/25/19 With ICE raids scheduled to take place in about two weeks if Republicans and Democrats fail to reach a consensus on how to manage the number of people at the U.S. southern border, tensions remain high among Asian immigrants. “The immigration enforcement is not just about the Southern Border but also about the deep impact it’s having on Asian communities,” Jo-Ann Yoo, executive director of the New York City-based social services nonprofit Asian American Federation (AAF), told HuffPost in an email. “We know the faces and stories of those who live under deportation orders, many who are working through the legal system to seek recourse from being separated from their families.” Key Words: Chinese, Vietnamese, Cambodian, API, ALLIES3
IMMIGRATION - Know Your Rights About Public Charge
2/20 Multi-language resource links with detailed information around all aspects of Public Charge including a new App in English and SPanish to easily test who might be affected. Key Words: PIF, KYR, Health, ALLIES3
Immigrants Who Use Legal Marijuana Can Be Denied Citizenship for ‘Lacking Good Moral Character’
4/24/19 Under a new guidance issued by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), immigrants may find themselves barred from obtaining citizenship if they possess or use marijuana—even if doing so is legal where they live. To be eligible to become a naturalized citizen, an immigrant must demonstrate they had “good moral character” for the past five years before filing their application. But the law presumes that a person does not have “good moral character” if they have committed any violations of controlled substance laws. This is the case even if they were never arrested or convicted. There is an exception for those with a “single offense of simple possession of 30 grams or less of marijuana.” Key Words: ALLIES3
Immigration Fee Waiver Requirements Updated
10/25/19 U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has revised Form I-912, Request for Fee Waiver, by removing the means-tested benefit criteria that was previously used as a factor in determining whether an applicant was exempt from paying for filing fees or biometric services. Individuals may still request a fee waiver if their documented annual household income is at or below 150% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines or they demonstrate financial hardship. Key Words: ALLIES3, USCIS
LEGAL - Asian Law Alliance (ALA)
COVID-19 Update: Facilities are closed. Appointments by phone and ZOOM. Call (408) 287-9710 or e-mail IMPORTANT NOTICE RE DACA RENEWAL. Anyone who wants to renew their DACA status. The Supreme Court is currently reviewing DACA and the ability to renew could be terminated at any time. Scholarship funds available for qualifying applicants. Call (408) 823-0799 for more information. Also assistance with Housing ** Public Benefits ** Immigration and Citizenship ** Protection For Domestic Violence Victims ** Civil Rights
Providing individual legal assistance, community legal education, and community advocacy for the Asian Pacific American population of Santa Clara County. Legal Immigration and Citizenship services. Member of the SCC Citizenship Collaboration Multi-language: Vietnamese, Spanish, Chinese (Cantonese & Mandarin), Tagalog, Korean. and other languages as needed. Key Words: Refugee, Housing, Domestic Violence, Civil Rights, Public Benefits, DACA, SCC OIR List, ALLIES3, RIF, API
LEGAL - Bay Area Legal Aid
COVID-19 Update: BAYLEGAL IS STILL HELPING THROUGH REMOTE SERVICE Our attorneys and other staff continue to work to advocate for your rights. You can reach us by telephone, and our website will continue to be updated regularly with the most recent information and resources throughout the period of public health emergency. Spanish | Tagalog | Vietnamese | Korean | Chinese | Public health measures including office closures, travel restrictions, and other steps in response to COVID-19 have affected many aspects of immigration legal and administrative proceedings and functions. This list below covers changes to the some areas of immigration and enforcement schedules and deadlines. LIST of Immigration Administrative Changes
Free civil legal services that help overcome legal barriers to life's basics. Serving children, disadvantaged families, frail seniors, domestic violence survivors and persons with disabilities. Immigration services include SIJS Adjustments and U-Visas. Unaccompanied Minors. BIA Accredited Non-Profit Legal LEGAL ADVICE LINE 800-551-5554 Multi-Language: Cantonese Chinese, English, Hindi, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese Serving Santa Clara County| | San Mateo County| Alameda County| San Francisco County| Contra Costa County| Marin County| Napa County| SCC OIR List
LEGAL - Catholic Immigration Legal Clinic
Resources including manuals, handbooks, blogs, and other information to expand delivery of legal services to indigent and low-income immigrants. Embracing the Gospel value of welcoming the stranger, CLINIC promotes the dignity and protects the rights of immigrants in partnership with a dedicated network of Catholic and community legal immigration programs. Key Words: ALLIES3
LEGAL - Center for Employment Training (CET) Immigration Service
COVID-19 Update: All Immigration and Citizenship services continue virtual platform per SCC Coronavirus Guidelines.
With the support of volunteers and collaborative partners, the Immigration and Citizenship Program is able to provide services in over 20 languages. Full-time staff speak English, Spanish, and Vietnamese. ICP offers immigration legal, citizenship, and English as a Second Language (ESL) assistance. Staff is accredited by the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA). Multi-language: Spanish, Vietnamese Key Words: ALLIES3, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), Member of the SCC Citizenship Collaboration, SCC OIR List,
LEGAL - Community Legal Services in East Palo Alto (CLSEPA)
Specializing in immigration, housing, workers' rights, records clearance, and consumer protection. Offices in East Palo Alto, Menlo Park, San Francisco and Burlingame. Multi-;anguage: Spanish Key Words:ALLIES3, SCC OIR Legal Provider List
LEGAL - Helping Immigrant Clients with Post-Conviction Legal Options: A Guide for Legal Services Providers
6/2019 For non-citizens, even a low level offense like a shoplifting conviction can lead to mandatory deportation. However, this can be avoided when people secure post-conviction relief to erase or modify their old convictions. If the convictions are vacated, or the sentences reduced, the grounds for removal often evaporate. This guide, created by the ILRC and Californians for Safety and Justice, is an effort to turn these “rare cases” into the rule, rather than the exception, by helping to build the capacity of legal service providers and pro bono attorneys to provide post-conviction relief to immigrants who would face certain deportation without it. Key Words: ALLIES3
LEGAL - Human Agenda CLARO Project
Since 2015, CLARO is a legal collective that provides free accessible immigration consultations and legal services for low-income immigrants. immigration legal services, deportation defense, political asylum, post-conviction relief, expungement applications. asylum, cancellation of removal, and more. Multi-language: Spanish, Farsi
LEGAL - IRC (International Rescue Committee) - San Jose
Providing Immigration legal services, legal consultations, relative visa petitions, adjustment of status, consular processing, employment authorization, affidavit of support, removal of conditional residence, refugee travel documents, naturalization, alien registration card replacement, freedom of information act request, document authenticity, information and referral. Member SCC Citizenship Collaboration. Multi-language: French, Laotian, Persian, Thai, Vietnamese, Oromo, Somali, Amharic, Assyrian, Arabic. Key Words: Refugee, RIF, ALLIES3
LEGAL - Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC)
ILRC is a national, non-profit resource center that provides legal trainings, educational materials, and advocacy to advance immigrant rights. Information for service providers, advocates and attorneys. Areas of expertise. | Know Your Rights Red Cards available in English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Franch, Hmong and Korean. Key Words: Asylum, Refugee, Citizenship, Naturalization, Crimes, DACA/DAPA, Enforcement, Family-Based, Youth, LGBTQ, Removal Defense, U Visa/T Visa/VAWA, Deferred Action, Know Your Rights (KYR), Dream Act, Immigration Fraud Awareness. Serving Counties of: Marin, SF, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Alameda and Contra Costa. SCC OIR List, ALLIES3
LEGAL - Immigration Hardship Center (IHC)
The IHC provides lawyers with forensic mental health evaluations, including summary psycho-social reports for consideration in immigration court proceedings. By also offering long term counseling, and case management to our legally vulnerable immigrant clients and their families, as needed, our forensic mental health services are unique in the community. IHC is currently serving/processing a number of cases including the following: U-Visa applicants - T-Visa applicants - Hardship Waiver applicants - Asylum Applicants - Support for Immigrants in the Criminal Justice System Key Words: Factr, ALLIES3, ALLIES4
LEGAL - Law Foundation of Silicon Valley
COVID-19 Update: The Law Foundation is a non-profit agency that provides free legal services to Silicon Valley individuals in need. Our services are available through: Mental Health Advocacy Project: 408-280-2420***Legal Advocates for Children and Youth: 408-280-2416***Housing: 408-280-2424 Multi-language: Spanish, Vietnamese Key Words: domestic violence; public charge,family law, and guardianships for youth; special education; housing law; health legal services, ALLIES3,
LEGAL - Legal Aid Society
LAS provides free, civil legal services for those low-income persons unable to obtain access to the judicial system through other avenues. Community members provided with the needed tools to advocate for themselves and to lead more independent lives. Multi-language: Spanish Key Words: Advocacy, Bay Area Non-Profit Key Word: ALLIES3
LEGAL - Oasis Legal Services for LGBTQIA+ immigrants
We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3)organization providing comprehensive legal services to assist LGBTQIA+ immigrants. Our services include: • Screening for immigration relief • Affirmative asylum • Residency • Citizenship • Family petitions Serving territory of San Francisco Asylum Court Washington State to Canadian Border to Bakersfield in Central CA. Spanish | Key Words: Gay Lesbian, Homosexual, ALLIES3
LEGAL - Pangea Legal Services
Services: low fee and free full-scope legal representation to immigrants in both detained and non-detained immigration court proceedings.  We focus on deportation defense; Key Words: ALLIES3 Multi-Language: Spanish, English, Farsi, French, German, Persian, Portuguese Offices in Milpitas and San Francisco
LEGAL - Services, Immigration Rights & Education Network (SIREN)
SIREN provides free and sliding scale citizenship, legalization and advocacy services to the immigrant community in Santa Clara County, CA. General Phone (408) 453-3003. Immigrant Q&A Line: English & Spanish: (408) 453-3017, English & Vietnamese: (408) 453-3013 Bay Area BIA Accredited Non-Profit Multi-language, Member of the SCC Citizenship Collaboration Key Words: Know Your Rights (KYR), DACA, VAWA, ALLIES3
LEGAL - Sewa Bay Area
Sewa International has launched community helplines to provide non-medical advice for people with immigration related issues due to the travel bans, COVID-19 rule changes, cancellation of all USCIS appointments, and anxiety over new restrictions and expiring visas. Students left without accommodations due to closures. Providing information & resources across the country. • USA Helplines: West Coast 203-872-7392 South West 281-909-7392 East Coast 302-330-7392 Mid West 708 972 7392 Multi-language: English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Telugu, Kannad and more Key Words: Indian, Asian, CADRE, COVID-19
LEGAL - Step Forward Foundation
Services: Low cost immigration representation to families and victims of violence. Our services include legal counseling on eligibility for immigration benefits, as well as full scope representation for social justice and family based petitions. Free legal clinics every Monday and Wednesday in Morgan Hill. Advice to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking. Appointment Necessary. BIA Accredited Non-Profit Legal Multi-language: Spanish Key Words: ALLIES3
LEGAL - Trusted Providers of Citizenship & Immigration Legal Assistance
A listing of non-profit attorney and BIA accredited service organizations providing citizenship, immigration, and other legal assistance in Santa Clara County and Bay Area. Low cost or free assistance and Multi-language capabilities. Key Words: ALLIES3 Multi-language: Spanish, Vietnamese, other.
LEGAL- Centro de Ayuda Legal para Inmigrantes (CALI)
Services: Adjustment of Status, Asylum applications, Consular Processing, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), DAPA, Employment authorization, Naturalization/Citizenship, Removal hearings, Special Immigrant Juvenile Status, T visas, Temporary Protected Status (TPS), U visas, Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) petitions. Languages: English, Spanish, Tagalog Key Words: ALLIES3
MENTAL HEALTH - Consejos para combatir el estres y la ansiedad
Video from the American Red Cross - El aislamiento durante la crisis del coronavirus ha creado una situacion estresante y llena de ansiedad. Escuche unos sencillos consejos de una psicologa familiar para hacer mas llevadero este periodo. Multi-Language: Spanish Key Words: ALLIES4, Cruz Roja
RESOURCE - ALA DACA Renewal Video - Scholarships Available
5/5/20 Contact Asian Law Alliance ' right away for a free consultation to see if you should renew your DACA. (408) 287-9710. Scholarships for the $495 fee are still available for eligible applicants. The Supreme Court is currently considering termination of the DACA program. A decision could come any day and if they decide to terminate the program, it will be too late. The good news is, that the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is still accepting DACA renewals. If your DACA will expire within the next year or even if your DACA has expired, you may be able to renew. Key Words: Undocumented., immigration, ALLIES3
RESOURCE - African Advocacy Network (AAN)
AAN offers immigration legal services for African and Afro-Caribbean immigrants working towards securing a legal status and beyond in the USA. Adjustment of status, Family petition, Consular Processing, VAWA, U-Visa,Citizenship & naturalization, Work Permit, Asylum applicants, Temporary Protected Status (TPS), and removal defense. Multi-language Translation & Interpretation, Serving: San Francisco, Marin, the East Bay, SCC, Santa Clara County, South Bay and the Greater Bay Areas. Key Words: Trusted Resource List, ALLIES3
RESOURCE - Amigos de Guadalupe
COVID-19 Update Casework, financial assistance, food, safe parking at multiple locations, DACA Renewal. Call (408) 341-6080 for more information. Immigrant friendly. Spanish
Amigos addresses inequities through community organizing and advocacy, direct social service. and education: including legal clinics, family based petitions, Citizenship applications, DACA Renewals, Amigos ESL & Citizenship Classes , Know Your Rights workshops, emergency family plans, after-school and summer programming for young children /youth, and college scholarships Key Words: KYR, Financial Aid, Immigration, RRN Multi-language: Spanish Key Words: ALLIES2, ALLIES3, ALLIES4, ALLIES5, ALLIES7
RESOURCE - Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County
COVID-19 Update: With the County's "Shelter in Place" order and the exemption for essential services such as social services, shelter, food and health care, Catholic Charities has closed several physical locations, while still providing care through phone or video visits with clients and collaborating with other nonprofits and government agencies. Catholic Charities COVIS-19 Program Modifications
Citizenship services provided in English, Spanish and Vietnamese, including assessment of eligibility, application assistance, interview preparation, ESL and citizenship classes at offices in San Jose and Gilroy. CC provides resettlement and retraining services for refugees and asylees. Deferred Action (DACA), Foster Youth, Unaccompanied Minors, Disaster Casework. Member of the SCC Citizenship Collaboration and CADRE Many other free and sliding scale social programs for children, adults and seniors. Food, Health Care, Mental Health, House Sharing. Multi-language: Spanish, Vietnamese, Key Words: ALLIES1, ALLIES3, ALLIES4, ALLIES7, RIF
RESOURCE - Consulado General de Mexico
In addition to information and guidance, the Consulate supports Mexican Citizens with paperwork to obtain registration, passport, national military service card, declaration of nationality, birth certificates, marriage and death; household goods, transfer of human remains and visas. Likewise, the Consulate General of Mexico Department of Protection, supports cultural, educational, commercial and tourist programs to benefit Mexican communities in the US. Key Words: International, ALLIES3 Multi-language: Spanish & Indigenious Serving Counties of: Santa Clara, Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Benito
RESOURCE - Mission Asset Fund Immigration Programs
For those eligible to apply for Citizenship, Adjustment of status, green card or Temporary Protected Status renewal, MAF offering 0% loans that cover the cost of the USCIS filing fees. Also, 0% interest social loans thru Lending Circles for any purpose, and Business expansion loans with financial education and support, Key Words: ALLIES3, Credit
Prerna2Inspire ia a non-profit organization focused on the humanitarian efforts of enabling refugee families from conflict countries across the globe the opportunity to lead a sustainable life on arrival in the US. Prerna supports enrollment in education at all levels, as well as homework aid, ESL Classes and career Planning. Employment search assistance. (Officially established as a Non-Profit Corp in July 2015.) Key Words: Professional, RIF
RESOURCE - SF CAIRS (San Francisco Coalition of Asylee, Immigrant, and Refugee Services)
SF-CAIRS is a multidisciplinary coalition of 20 organizations serving the San Francisco Bay Area asylee, immigrant and refugee community and its service providers. Providing employment, immigration, health care, benefits application, domestic violence, legal asst, educational and vocational training, employment, housing, ESL, Interpretation and other support services. Expanding resource knowledge among service providers about health, employment, social, education and legal services for recent refugees, political asylees and immigrants in the SF Bay Area. The national HQ is located in Washington DC. Key Words: Muslim, SCC, KYR, Know Your Rights, LGBT, ALLIES3 Offices in Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Clara, Multi-language: Arabic , Farsi , Somali , Urdu
RESOURCE - San Jose Library Virtual Privacy Lab
Learn about privacy topics and generate a custom privacy toolkit geared towards your online needs. Toolkits include links, tips, and resources that empower you to customize your online identity. Email or print your privacy toolkit for future use. Available to the public. | Spanish | Vietnamese | Key Words: ALLIES3
RESOURCE - Santa Clara County Free & Low Cost Immigration Legal Assistance
SCC invests in immigration legal services with local accredited agencies to provide free and low cost assistance with immigration legal issues. Key Words family visa petition, employment authorizations, removal of conditional status; assisting immigrants to obtain permanent residency under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA); helping victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse and human trafficking to obtain work authorization, permanent residency leading to path to citizenship, DACA, deportation defense, unaccompanied minors, etc. ALLIES3, OIR Asian Law Alliance | Catholic Charities | CET | PARS Equality Center
1/27/20 "Public Charge" Rule: Trump Administration Action Targeting Immigrant Families On January 27, 2020, the Supreme Court allowed Trump's Public Charge rule to take effect in every state but Illinois. This is not a final decision and Santa Clara County will continue its lawsuit challenging the rule. The County urges residents to consult with legal service providers when making decisions for themselves and their families. Many immigrants are not subject to any DHS public charge assessment at all, including lawful permanent residents (green-card holders) unless they leave the country for more than 180 days; individuals applying for asylum or refugee status; and many other immigrants. And many benefits also are not implicated by the rule (neither use of WIC nor CHIP is considered under the new rule). The County funds the following organizations that provide free or low-cost legal advice on immigration and public benefits. Legal Resources: Bay Area Legal Aid: (408) 850-7066 English, Spanish Asian Law Alliance: (408) 287-9710 English, Vietnamese, Chinese, Tagalog, Korean, Spanish Law Foundation: (408) 293-4790 English, Vietnamese, Chinese, Spanish, and more Key Words: ALLIES3, Citizenship
SCC OIR Newsletter4 - DACA Updates and Resources
4/2/20 We are currently awaiting a decision from the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) regarding the legality of DHS’s decision to terminate the DACA program. It is still possible to renew if your DACA status expires within 365 days. This issue from the Santa Clara County Office of Immigrant Relations contains links to DACA related resources and information about currently available scholarship fund for DACA renewal. Key Words: Deferred Action, ALLIES3
SCC Statement on the U.S. Supreme Court’s Decision to Review the Repeal of DACA
6/28/19 Santa Clara County Counsel James R. Williams released the following statement on the United States Supreme Court’s decision to review the Ninth Circuit’s ruling blocking the Trump Administration’s repeal of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. “We are disappointed by the Supreme Court’s decision to prematurely review the DACA repeal, without the benefit of a full and fair appellate process,” said County Counsel James R. Williams. “But we are fully prepared to continue this fight before the Supreme Court. DACA recipients—in Santa Clara County and throughout the nation—must be allowed to pursue the futures promised them by the federal government,...” Key Words: ALLIES3
The Invisible Wall - Policies that Threaten Immigrant Families
12/6/19 In addition to pushing for a physical border wall, the Trump Administration has rolled out a wide range of regulatory and policy changes to create an “Invisible Wall,” affecting the lives of millions in the U.S. Policies include changes that make it harder for immigrants with low- and moderate incomes to navigate the immigration system as well as restrictions in basic needs programs that make it harder for families to thrive and live with dignity. These efforts are part of a government-wide assault designed to send immigrant families one message: you are not welcome in the United States. Key Words: ALLIES3
US Immigration Documents Deacription
5/19 A list of the documents that can be used to show your immigration status and eligibility for various programms. Links to illustrations and detailed explanation of the fields. Key Words: USCIS, benefits, healthcare, ALLIES3, healthcare.
USCIS Final Rule on Public Charge Ground of Inadmissibility
2/6/20 The final rule applies to applicants for admission, aliens seeking to adjust their status to that of lawful permanent residents from within the US, and aliens within the US who hold a non-immigrant visa and seek to extend their stay or to change their status to a different non-immigrant classification. The final rule will take affect everywhere but Illinois on February 24th, 2020, and is not retroactive. No benefits applied for or received before that date will be considered. New forms will be required after that date. Everyone is encouraged to seek the advice of a qualified immigrant service provider before making decisions regarding needed benefits.
USCIS You-Tube Channel
Hundreds of short videos with instructions, explanations or examples for the CIVICS test, the Citizenship Interview, and various forms and procedures. Key Words: Immigrants, Refugees, Asylees, Naturalization, ALLIES3
HEALTH - CA Insurance Commissioner Lara directs health insurance companies to provide increased telehealth access during COVID-19 emergency
3/30/20 The Notice from Commissioner Lara directs that health insurance companies provide increased access to health care services through telehealth and encourages patients to use telehealth delivery options, so as to limit the amount of in-person health care they seek while continuing to receive the essential care that they need during this challenging time. Cost-sharing requirements for services delivered via telehealth should be consistent with, or no greater than, the cost-sharing requirement for services delivered through in-person settings.
RESOURCE - CA Immigrant Guide
Provides information on resources available to immigrant families, such as testing under Medi-Cal, small business support, including some that are available regardless of immigration status. Additional Information for immigrant communities on Coronavirus and updated Public Charge policies. Ongoing information on available services throughout the state for Immigrants seeking help with English language learning, workforce skill development, naturalization preparation or legal assistance, The guide will serve as a bridge that can help immigrants fully participate in life in California. Key Words: ALLIES1, ALLIES3, Directory, citizenship, ESL Multi-language: Spanish, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Russian, Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin),, Korean, Arabic , Armenian, Farsi, Khmer (Cambodian)
SCC OIR Newsletter1 - COVID-19 Update
3/11/20 This issue of the Santa Clara County Office of Immigrant Relations Newsletter offers the latest Public Health Guides including information for: ***Individuals and households ***Schools and parents ***Mass gatherings ***Businesses and workplaces ***Community Based Organizations ***Law Enforcement ***Healthcare Providers Key Words: Coronavirus, ALLIES3