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  • September 5th - A Day of Sadness and Support for Dreamers

    When the fate of DACA was announced. local politicians were joined by Dreamers and their advocates (long term as well as newly created) to prepare for a long battle. These photo slide shows from September 5th convey the diversity and determination of the Dreamers and the people who gathered to remind them that they are seen, they are valued and they are not alone.

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  • SCC Supports Immigrants with Expanding Rapid Response Network

    These are times when political interests frequently override basic humanitarian concerns. On Wednesday we were reminded that in Santa Clara County, there are still some adults in charge. Humanitarian government policy, resource allocation, and community compassion show SCC immigrants that no matter where they came from, they are welcome here now.

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  • 65 Great Messages of Love at the Unity Rally in San Jose

    65 Great Messages of Love at the Unity Rally in San Jose

    The citizens of Santa Clara County are blessed to live in a place where people of all ages, colors, religions, ethnic groups, and ways of life will come together when called and reaffirm our commitment to stand up for each other.

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