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  • U-Visa News

    Experience has taught us to expect an increase in domestic violence after a major disaster. The Pandemic has been the perfect storm, with all of the stress and trauma of any disaster (loss of income, housing and food shortages, illness and death of loved ones etc.). This combined with long periods of confinement and isolation with partners or family members, has been especially difficult for undocumented immigrants. Perceiving few options, some might feel that abuse is preferable to what might face them (and their children) if they were deported.

    This is why it's important for those who serve immigrants in any capacity, to be aware of resources such as the U-visa, and how to refer clients to professionals for guidance.

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  • History of Hate

    A person might be considered paranoid, if he or she is afraid to leave home, feeling that at any time they could be attacked out of nowhere by a random stranger. But to many Asians, that behavior feels not just rational, but essential. And any non-Asian who is paying attention to the news should understand that while we are all sharing the same space, some people are having a completely different experience.

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