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DEMOGRAPHICS - SCC Public Health Dept COVID-19 Data Dashboard
We are committed to providing accurate, reliable reports to the public. Additional data will be added over time. The information presented here is updated daily and is dependent on reporting by numerous agencies across the County and outside partners. Info on number of cases by cities and zip codes, hospitals and nursing homes, and demographics Multi=language: Spanish Vieetnamese Chinese Tagalog
DISASTER - 2020 California: State & Local Level Disaster Referrals
8/20 Comprehensive list of contact information for state, county and city resources for people effected by disasters.
DISASTER - 5 lessons COVID-19 has taught us for the next pandemic
3/16/21 The pandemic that launched the nation’s first and most ambitious experiment to slow the spread of COVID-19 — stay-home orders for 7.6 million Bay Area residents — is easing. It’s left behind shattered lives, economic upset and widened racial inequities, but also valuable lessons which could strengthen our future response to outbreaks of deadly contagion. “Despite these enormous hardships, we have so many reasons for hope and a better future now,” said Dr. Dan Lowenstein, executive vice chancellor and provost of UC San Francisco.
DISASTER - ARC - Preparing for Disaster During COVID-19
Disasters can cause sudden challenges like knocking out power, blocking roads, disrupting the response of emergency services, and causing stores and pharmacies to close for an extended period. COVID-19 adds to this complexity. Prepare now so that you have critical skills and can meet your basic needs. Key Words: American Red Cross
DISASTER - AlertSCC - Multi-language Emergency Alerts
AlertSCC is a free, easy, and confidential way for anyone who lives or works in Santa Clara County to get emergency warnings sent directly to their cell phone, mobile device, email, or landline. AlertSCC can reach you wherever you are to provide information and instructions in a variety of emergency situations. Languages: Spanish| | Vietnamese | Chinese
DISASTER - CA Disaster Relief Resource Guide
Directory of State and Federal Resources for people who have been affected by the recent wildfires. Governor Newsom declared a statewide emergency due to the fires and extreme weather conditions, and he has also secured a Presidential Major Disaster Declaration to bolster the state’s emergency response to wildfires burning in Northern California and support impacted residents in Lake, Monterey, Napa, San Mateo, Santa Cruz, Solano, Sonoma and Yolo counties.. Contact us if you would like direct assistance at 1-877-345-4633 or email us here.
DISASTER - Disability Disaster Hotline
8/20 The Disaster Hotline provides information, referrals, guidance, technical assistance and resources to people with disabilities, their families, allies, organizations assisting disaster impacted individuals with disabilities and others seeking assistance with immediate and urgent disaster-related needs. available for intake calls, 24/7 at (800) 626-4959 and We will respond to your call as soon as possible, often immediately, and we intend to respond to all callers within 24 hours. Multi-language: Spanish #HurricaneLaura, #COVID19 & #CAFires
DISASTER - Disaster Relief and COVID-19 Related Assistance not Considered in Public Charge
8/20 Excerpts from the USCIS Public Charge link ....The Public Charge rule does not restrict access to testing, screening, or treatment of communicable diseases, including COVID-19. In addition, the rule does not restrict access to vaccines for children or adults to prevent vaccine-preventable diseases. Importantly, for purposes of a public charge inadmissibility determination,. .....The rule does not include consideration of emergency medical assistance, disaster relief, national school lunch programs, foster care and adoption, student and mortgage loans, energy assistance, food pantries and homeless shelters and Head Start.Key Words: Immigrants
DISASTER - Listos CA Disaster Ready Guide
Simple preparation tips for getting information, making a plan with your family and support network, and making a kit, Multi-language: Chinese | Tagalog | Hmong | Korean | Punjabi | Russian | Spanish | Tongan | Vietnamese |
DISASTER - Red Cross Overhauls Evacuation Shelter Guidelines Because of Coronavirus Pandemic
3/25/20 Because of the coronavirus pandemic, more than 140 million Americans have been ordered or advised to stay at home. Millions more have been told to practice social distancing and stay at least 6 feet away from other people. But what happens if — in the midst of this outbreak — people have to leave their homes because of a disaster like a fire, flood or hurricane? A disease like COVID-19 could turn a traditional evacuation shelter into an infection epicenter. The American Red Cross, which typically operates disaster shelters across the United States, is putting in place new guidelines for housing people in emergencies. Key Words: COVID-19
EDUCATION - Student Loan Forbearance Extended thru 9/30/2021
1/20/21 COVID Emergency Relief Flexibilities Extended Through at Least Sept. 30, 2021 To provide relief to student loan borrowers during the COVID-19 national emergency, federal student loan borrowers can be placed in an administrative forbearance, which allows students to temporarily stop making monthly loan payments. Multi-language: Spanish Key Words: Education, Pandemic
EMPLOYMENT - CA State List of Essential Workers - Updated
1/7/21 The California State Public Health Officer has designated the following list of “Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers” to help state, local, tribal, and industry partners as they work to protect communities, while ensuring continuity of functions critical to public health and safety, as well as economic and national security.
FINANCE - Need money during coronavirus pandemic? How to avoid loan sharks and debt traps
4/2/20 As millions of Americans lose jobs, shifts and other sources of income during the coronavirus health crisis, financial experts worry that people will be preyed upon by loan sharks who stand to profit. “We saw this during the foreclosure crisis, where people were in distress and scammers took advantage to promise to help people connect to relief for a fee they could not afford,” said Kevin Stein, deputy director of the California Reinvestment Coalition, a San Francisco-based nonprofit that advocates for protecting consumers. Key Words: Disaster, Emergency
FINANCE - Online Traffic Fine Reduction Request
8/15/20 If you have a financial hardship and can show that you are unable to pay the full amount for your traffic ticket, you may request the court to consider your ability to pay. The Judicial Council and eight California Superior Courts are working together to develop a new online option for people struggling with traffic court debt. The "MyCitations" tool allows people to look up their traffic citation, answer a series of simple questions and submit a request to the court for a possible reduction in the amount owed. Users can also request a payment plan, more time to pay or community service. Spanish
HEALTH - AirNow Interactive National Air Quality Map
AirNow is your one-stop source for air quality data. Our recently redesigned site highlights air quality in your local area first, while still providing air quality information at state, national, and world views. A new interactive map even lets you zoom out to get the big picture or drill down to see data for a single air quality monitor. AirNow reports air quality using the official U.S. Air Quality Index (AQI), a color-coded index designed to communicate whether air quality is healthy or unhealthy for you. When you know the AQI in your area, you can take steps to protect your health.
HEALTH - CA Department of Health Multi-language COVID-19 Updates and Guidance
Coronavirus updates, alerts, statistics, tips and guidance from the CA Dept of Public Health . Multi-language links to: Arabic, Amharic, Cambodian, Chinese (Simplified), Farsi (Persian), Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Punjabi, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Tagalog, Tamil, Telegu, Tigrinya, Urdu, and Vietnamese Key Words: pandemic flu, COVID-19, GOVERNMENT
HEALTH - CA Department of Public Health (CDPH) Immigrant Communities Guidance on Public Charge
The CDPH is focused on ensuring all individuals, regardless of their immigration status, are protected from the outbreak and receive appropriate testing and treatment. For families that are concerned about the "public charge" rule, immigration officials have confirmed that they will neither consider testing, treatment, nor preventative care related to COVID-19 as part of a public charge inadmissibility determination, even if provided or paid for by one or more public benefits considered under the rule including Medi-Cal. Key Words: Multi-language: English | Amharic | Arabic' | Burmese | Chinese | French | NAME| Hiaitian| Hindi | Hmong | Korean | Spanish | Tagalog | Vietnamese
HEALTH - CA Dept of Public Health Guidance Documents: Coronavirus Disease
2/9/21 A list of various guidance documents from the CDPH covering: **Adult and Senior Care Facilities (PDF) **Community care facilities, including assisted living facilities and child care **COVID-19 Public Health Guidance for People at Risk for Serious Illness (PDF) **Drinking Water, Recreational Water and Wastewater: What You Need to Know **Employers, health care workers and workers in general industry **Entertainment Venue (PDF) **First responders, including paramedics and EMTs (PDF) **Food Industry (PDF) **Gathering Guidance (PDF) **Guidance for Homeless Assistance Providers on **Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) (PDF) **Guidance for Individuals with Access and Functional Needs (PDF) **Guidance for Long-Term Care Facilities **Guidance to Medi-Cal Managed Care Health Plans: **COVID–19 Screening and Testing (PDF) **Health care facilities from Cal/OSHA **Health care facilities, including long-term care facilities **Health care plans **Department of Managed Health Care All Plan Letter (PDF) **California Department of Insurance Bulletin (PDF) **Coverage Options Fact Sheet (PDF) **Home cleaning with COVID-19 positive individuals (PDF) **Guidance for Using Disinfectants at Schools and Child Cares (PDF) **Recordatorios para el uso de desinfectantes en las escuelas y guarderías (PDF) **Laboratories (PDF) **Schools and institutions of higher education Key Words: Pandemic
HEALTH - CA Essential Workers List
On March 19, 2020, Governor Newsom issued Executive Order N-33-20 directing all residents immediately to heed current State public health directives to stay home, except as needed to maintain continuity of operations of essential critical infrastructure sectors and additional sectors as the State Public Health Officer may designate as critical to protect health and well-being of all Californians. In accordance with this order, the State Public Health Officer has designated the following list of Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers to help state, local, tribal, and industry partners as they work to protect communities, while ensuring continuity of functions critical to public health and safety, as well as economic and national security.
HEALTH - CA Notify
You have the power to help your friends, family and community Add your phone to California’s exposure notification system to get COVID-19 exposure alerts and to protect those around you. Once you activate CA Notify, it does all the work. All you do is keep your Bluetooth on. You will only receive alerts if you were in close contact with someone who tests positive for COVID-19. Your privacy is protected as your identity is not known and your location is not tracked. Frequently asked questions Key Words: Pandemic, Multi-Language: Spanish Vietnamese Tagalog Chinese Russian Korean
HEALTH - CDC Communities, Schools, Workplaces, and Events
CDC guidance for community events, FBOs and also homeless programs. Multi-language: Spanish Vietnamese Chinese Korean Key Words: Disaster, COVID-19, Pandemic, Coronavirus, Children
HEALTH - California to open COVID-19 vaccine to people with cancer, obesity, other conditions
2/12/21 California officials said Friday that people ages 16 to 64 who are disabled or at high risk for morbidity and mortality from COVID-19 will be eligible for vaccination beginning next month. Key Words: Pandemic, AFN, VPOPs, Vulnerable
HEALTH - California’s coronavirus contact tracing efforts hampered by lack of bilingual staff
8/17/20 As the Latinx community disproportionately makes up the majority of coronavirus cases and deaths across California, the problem isn’t simply that public health departments are missing out on contacts and stemming the spread of coronavirus, advocates and epidemiologists say: It’s that many Californians are receiving worse, less-effective care than their English-speaking counterparts.
HEALTH - Coronavirus Advice for Consumers
AVOID CORONAVIRUS SCAMS with advice from the FTC: learn how to tell the difference between a real contact tracer and a scammer. Legitimate tracers need health information, not money or personal financial information. *** Don’t respond to texts, emails or calls about checks from the government. Here’s what you need to know.*** Ignore offers for vaccinations and miracle treatments or cures. Scammers are selling products to treat or prevent COVID-19 without proof that they work.
HEALTH - Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund (DREDF)
If You or Someone You Know is Disabled: Know Your Rights to Medical Care – COVID-19 Under the Americans with Disabilities Act and other laws, you cannot be treated badly just because you have a disability or someone in your family has a disability, or because someone thinks you have a disability. You can ask for changes you need for your disability. The hospital and doctors have to help you unless it would be very dangerous or difficult, even with supports. If you have a problem with a doctor or hospital during COVID-19, call Disability Rights California (DRC) at 1-800-776-5746 between 9:00 – 4:00. TTY: 1-800-719-5798. Multi-lingual: Spanish Key Words: KYR, AFN
HEALTH - Donate Plasma and Help Save Lives
1/29/21 Anyone who has fully recovered from a verified COVID-19 diagnosis, may have COVID-19 antibodies that can attack the virus in the plasma in their blood. With each convalescent plasma donation, you or someone you know could help save up to four lives. Even if you haven’t had COVID-19, you can help by giving blood. The American Red Cross is testing all blood donations for COVID-19 antibodies, with results available online within one or two weeks. Plasma from antibody-positive blood donations may be used to help COVID-19 patients in need. Only those feeling healthy should present to donate. Learn more. Key Words: Pandemic, Coronavirus
HEALTH - EPA List of Disinfectants for Use Against COVID-19 Virus
This list includes products with emerging viral pathogen claims and those with human coronavirus claims. If a product with an emerging viral pathogen claim is not available, use a product with a coronavirus claim. If the product is listed as “N” under the Emerging Viral Pathogen Claim column, then it has a human coronavirus claim. Check the EPA number on any product to see if it is on this list. There may be other effective cleaning products that are not on this list, but if it is here, you can be sure. Key Words: Health, Pandemic, Flu, COVID-19
HEALTH - FEMA - Community Vaccination Centers Playbook
2/4/21 This playbook establishes guidance for providing federal support to existing and new Community Vaccination Centers (CVCs) that are essential to accomplishing the mission, to include interagency coordination, resource support, facility setup, and other requirements that may necessitate federal support. Key Words - Government
HEALTH - Home Isolation and Quarantine Guidance - Contact Tracing
8/7/20 The goals of case investigation and contact tracing are to support individuals who may be positive for COVID-19 to safely stay home and slow the spread of Coronavirus among their family, friends, and community. Multi-language: Spanish | Vietnamese | Chinese | Tagalog
HEALTH - My Turn CA Vaccination Scheduling
For CA residents to schedule a COVID-19 vaccine appointment at a clinic or site near them (or register to be be notified when they become eligible). Key Words: Pandemic, Multi-language: English, Spanish
HEALTH - SCC COVID-19 Vaccine Information for the Public
Who can currently be vaccinated? Who will be eligible to receive the vaccine next?? Other Frequently Asked Questions Vaccine Inventory Dashboard Vaccine Demographic Dashboard How are COVID-19 vaccines allocated to providers in Santa Clara County? Information for Healthcare Providers Spanish | Vietnamese | Chinese | Tagalog |
HEALTH - SCC Updated COVID-19 Vaccine Allocation Guidelines
2/13/21 Based on available supply, individuals described below are or will be eligible for COVID-19 vaccines ON 2/28/21: Phase 1A* (healthcare workers and LTC residents): 3,142,166 Californians Phase 1B Food/Agriculture***, Education/Childcare**, and Emergency Services***: 5,960,528 Californians 65+: 6,254,300 Californians Beginning March 15, healthcare providers may use their clinical judgement to vaccinate individuals age 16-64 who are deemed to be at the very highest risk for morbidity and mortality from COVID-19 as a direct result of one or more of the severe health conditions included in this provider bulletin Key Words: Santa Clara County, Pandemic
HEALTH - San Jose leaders approve recommendations to address COVID-19 health disparities
9/2/20 San Jose leaders unanimously accepted 30 recommendations Sept. 1 from Santa Clara County’s Health and Equity Task Force to tackle growing health disparities in the time of COVID-19. The recommendations include translating emergency information, contact-tracing, extending rent relief, distributing food and adding additional COVID-19 testing sites. Councilmember Magdalena Carrasco said as of Aug. 31, more than 170 cases were reported in Santa Clara County, but many residents still don’t know where to get the services they need.
HEALTH - Santa Clara County stops scheduling first-dose vaccine appointments
3/11/21 SCC has stopped scheduling first-dose coronavirus vaccine appointments, pointing to a low and unpredictable supply of doses from the state as the reason. The news comes as a number of Bay Area officials, including in Santa Clara County, push back at the way the state has handled vaccine distribution — from an equity program they argue disadvantages needy areas of the region to tapping giant insurer Blue Shield to help with the state’s vaccine program. Key Words: COVID-19, Pandemic, Coronavirus
HEALTH - What you can and can’t do after getting fully vaccinated against COVID-19
3/8/21 People who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 can resume some parts of their old life but must remain vigilant in many ways as the pandemic continues, according to new federal guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Key Words: Pandemic, Coronavirus
HEALTH - Your Bay Area guide to (legitimately) score a COVID vaccine — even if you’re not ‘eligible’ yet
3/13/21 In the coming weeks, millions more people will become eligible — including people with certain disabilities and health problems starting Monday. But even then, most Californians will be waiting — perhaps all the way until the May 1 deadline for full eligibility President Biden set on Thursday. Some enterprising Californians who aren’t eligible for a coronavirus vaccine yet — we’re looking at you, relatively healthy 16-to-64 year olds — are finding ways to get them anyway. And they’re not lying about being health care workers or dressing up as senior citizens to do it. Key Words: Pandemic, Coronavirus
HEALTH -Millions more Californians became eligible for COVID-19 vaccines
3/15/21 Transit workers, homeless individuals and people ages 16 to 64 with “high-risk” conditions can now book appointments, pending availability. The list of “high risk” conditions and disabilities that qualify a person for the next phase of vaccination includes cancer, pregnancy, stage 4 kidney disease, oxygen-dependent lung disease, Down syndrome, sickle cell disease, coronary artery disease, severe diabetes, Type 2 diabetes and a weakened immune system from a solid organ transplant. Key Words: Pandemic. Coronavirus
1/29/21 EVICTION MORATORIUM EXTENDED The COVID-19 Tenant Relief Act – SB91 (Act) extends tenant protections included in the Tenant, Homeowner, and Small Landlord Relief and Stabilization Act of 2020 (AB 3088) to June 30, 2021 The Act includes the same eligibility and program rules as before including: Multi-language: Spanish | Vietnamese | Chinese Simplified | Punjabi |
IMMIGRANTS - As COVID-19 relief vote nears, undocumented immigrants struggle with no aid
3/4/21 There are approximately 7 million undocumented immigrants working in the United States, making up 4.4% of the workforce, according to a 2020 Center for American Progress report. Because of their immigration status, they do not qualify for unemployment benefits if they lose their job. But it's not just undocumented immigrants themselves who have faced difficulty receiving aid. There are around 16.7 million people in America who have at least one undocumented family member living with them, according to the Center For American Progress. People in these mixed-status families, such as when some are citizens and some are DACA recipients but file taxes with a family member who doesn't have a Social Security number, also have struggled to receive benefits.
IMMIGRANTS - CA HR-23 Anti Asian Hate Crime Resolution
2/16/21 Resolved by the Assembly of the State of California, That the Assembly denounces hate crimes, hateful rhetoric, and hateful acts against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, and works to ensure that APIs feel safe and welcome, both during this COVID-19 pandemic and beyond...
IMMIGRANTS - Privacy Protections in Selected Federal Benefits Programs
2/21/18 The federal laws protecting information about benefit recipients remain intact, and cannot be altered by an executive order.[3] Absent any change in federal statute, state agencies should decline any request for disclosure of information regarding a benefit recipient unless the request is consistent with these laws, the state plan approved for the program, and other federal regulations or guidance that flows from these federal statutes. Key Words: Public Charge, KYR, Know Your Rights
IMMIGRANTS - Top 6 Digital Safety Tips for Undocu Folks
6/2/20 From UnitedWeDream for immigrants, Black and indigenous people of color, our families, and our friends, it is important to keep our personal information out of the hands of those who want to harm us. Remember, we are in the work of protecting people, not property. Multi-language: Spanish Key Words: Technology, privacy, undocumented
NEWS - Amid anti-Asian violence, San Jose’s Vietnamese residents embrace COVID-19 vaccines
4/2/21 Despite a fear of anti-Asian violence hanging over their heads, some Vietnamese residents lined up as early as 4 a.m. to get a COVID-19 vaccine at a new mobile clinic this week — a chance to defend themselves against a virus that’s disproportionately infecting them. “We initially expected around 700 people but now there’s about 1,000,” said Asian American Center of Santa Clara County CEO MyLinh Pham. She organized a mass vaccination event in the heart of the city’s Vietnamese community within the span of a few days after getting 475 doses – but had to find a few hundred more after running out in the early afternoon.
NEWS - CA launches new COVID-19 vaccine system. What Bay Area residents should know
3/2/21 CA has launched a new COVID-19 vaccine distribution system operated by insurance giant Blue Shield of California, a shift that state officials say will speed up the rollout of doses and unify a county-by-county patchwork of eligibility standards. But for Bay Area residents, it will take a few more weeks to notice any difference. One glaring change is that the state’s My Turn online system, which can be accessed at, will serve as the central site for all Californians to sign up for vaccination appointments. Individual counties and health care providers will still play an essential role in immunizing people at their vaccination sites and mobile clinics, but the central booking system hopefully will make obtaining appointments more efficient and straight-forward.
NEWS - CDC Panel Endorses Johnson & Johnson's One-Dose COVID-19 Vaccine
2/28/21 The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices voted 12-0, with one recusal, to recommend the use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine for people aged 18 and older. The move comes one day after the Food and Drug Administration authorized this vaccine for emergency use, making it the third COVID-19 vaccine available in the U.S.
NEWS - COVID vaccines: Which Bay Area county is doing the best job vaccinating older residents?
2/21/21 For older Bay Area residents, the chances of snagging a coronavirus vaccine appear to depend a great deal on where you live. An analysis by the Bay Area News Group found there is a significant variation by county when it comes to who is getting the shot. In Contra Costa County, more than 70% of the population who are 75 and older had already gotten at least one dose of the vaccine, as of Feb. 19. But in Alameda County, it was around 45%. In Santa Clara and San Mateo counties, roughly 54% of residents 75 and up had gotten a shot. Key Words: Pandemic
NEWS - Factcheck Guide to Our Coronavirus Coverage
In our work fact-checking political claims and debunking viral deceptions, we have found a tremendous amount of misinformation on the coronavirus pandemic. Key Words: COVID-19, Fake News
NEWS - NY Times Coronavirus Coverage
Free access to New Your Times articles about COVID-19 in English . Spanish | No Chinese Multi-language
NEWS - NewsGuard - Avoid coronavirus hoaxes
Avoid coronavirus hoaxes and other misinformation with NewsGuard. Now free until July 1st for the COVID-19 crisis. Trust ratings for 4,000+ news and information sites–written by trained journalists based on nine journalistic criteria. We tell you who’s behind each site, how it’s funded, and whether you can trust it. Key Words: Fake News
NEWS - South Bay Vietnamese Americans wrestle with COVID-19, lack of information
12/15/20 San Jose alone is home to more than 100,000 Vietnamese American residents as of 2010 and has the largest population of Vietnamese Americans of any city outside of Vietnam. Santa Clara County as a whole has roughly 140,000 residents of Vietnamese ancestry. Yet, little is known about how COVID-19 has affected the Vietnamese American community in Santa Clara County. The county has not published specific information about the community. Its data portal, which provides information on coronavirus case and death rates for different racial groups, does not include a breakdown of different Asian American subgroups, a category that includes Chinese Americans, Indian Americans and Filipino Americans.
RESOURCE - FEMA COVID-19 Funeral Assistance
Under the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2021 and the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, FEMA will provide financial assistance for COVID-19-related funeral expenses incurred after January 20, 2020. FEMA will begin accepting applications for Funeral Assistance on Monday, April 12, 2021 through our dedicated call center. More information will be available on this page soon. Additional guidance is being finalized and will be released to potential applicants and community partners as soon as possible. In the meantime, people who have COVID-19 funeral expenses are encouraged to keep and gather documentation. Key Words: Pandemic Multi-language: Spanish | Chinese | Vietnamese | Portuguese | Creole |
RESOURCE - Multilingual Tutorials on Zoom and Other Online Platforms
Assorted Multi-language Digital Literacy tutoring videos. Arabic, Burmese, Dari, English, Farsi, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, Ukrainian, and Urdu.
RESOURCE - SCC Office of Mediation and Ombuds Services (OMOS)
OMOS helps parties have difficult conversations, generate options, and reach voluntary resolution of their conflicts but does not provide legal advice. The County recently passed a moratorium on evictions during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a part of the County’s comprehensive approach to executing this measure, OMOS’s free mediation services are being used to address any conflicts that may arise as a result of this moratorium on Unlawful Detainer/eviction matters. More importantly, mediation is an effective way for landlords and tenants to proactively and productively discuss the payment of rent that is owed, once the moratorium lifts. Multi-language: English, Spanish, Key Words: Santa Clara County, coronavirus
UTILITIES - Utility Consumer Protections During CA COVID-19 Outbreak
1/1/21 list of consumer protection provisions enacted in response to the COVID-19 outbreak in California. This list covers both Investor Owned Utilities (IOUs), which are regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), and Publicly Owned Utilities (POUs). Please visit your specific utility’s webpage for more specific information about protections and benefits available to you.
VOLUNTEER - Californians for All Volunteer Match
5/27/20 Governor's CA Volunteers office has launched a partnership with VolunteerMatch to create a volunteer engagement platform. This will make it easier for any Californian to volunteer, whether at home to help a neighbor, volunteering for an hour or dedicating a year to service to help their communities. It offers a variety of service options from activities you can do at home or with local organizations. It will provide more than 10,000 volunteer engagement opportunities in CA. Share how you are helping your community with stories, videos and photos using the hashtag #CaliforniansForAll on social media or e-mail us at Key Words: COVID-19, Coronavirus
VOTING - Safe at Home CA Registration
Safe at Home is a free, confidential address program administered by the CA Secretary of State's office and is most effective when used as a part of an overall safety plan. It offers victims of domestic violence, stalking, sexual assault, human trafficking & elder and dependent abuse, as well as reproductive health care workers, a substitute mailing address to receive first class, certified, and registered mail. This address is also accepted by California state, county, and city government agencies in lieu of a residential or other mailing address where a victim can be tracked down, keeping the residence address confidential and out of the hands of someone who might want to harm the victim. Key Words: DV, mental health,