Class ID 2141
Class Level Citizenship ESL
Start Date 04/29/19
Class Location Palo Alto High School
City Palo Alto
Room Number 218
Days M W
Time 06:30 PM–09:00 PM
Class Description Prepare for the United States citizenship test and understand the process of becoming a citizen. Studying the history, political processes and institutions will also help you become an informed and effective citizen.
  • Resident - $0.00
  • Non-Resident - $0.00
Additional Requirements
  • Residency Rqmt: None
  • Other Reqmts: 18+ years
  • Age Reqmt: None
  • Language Assessment: No
Notes Recommended for Intermediate to Advanced learners. Required Textbook can be purchased in office
Class Phone 650-329-3752

Class Provider

Class Location

  • Palo Alto High School
  • 50 Embarcadero Rd
  • Palo Alto, CA 94301
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