NC ESL514 - Healthy Life Encounters

Class ID 3745
Class Level Internet ESL Class
Start Date OpenEntry
Class Location Evergreen Valley College
City San Jose
Room Number ONLINE
Days M T W Th
Time 09:15 AM–11:20 AM
Class Description This course is designed for non-native speakers at a low intermediate level of English proficiency focusing on healthcare communication. This course is appropriate for those who study English for general healthcare communication or professional purposes. Students will learn communication skills, with a focus on listening and speaking skills, through the use of medical vocabulary and expressions. Emphasis is also placed on management of healthy lives and diets.
  • Resident - $0.00
  • Non-Resident - $0.00
Additional Requirements
  • Residency Rqmt: None
  • Other Reqmts: HS grad/equiv or 18+ years
  • Age Reqmt: None
  • Language Assessment: No
Notes All EVC Classes will be taught online through 12/17/20. Enroll online using MyWeb at
Class Phone 408-274-7900 Ext 6463

Class Provider

Class Location

  • Evergreen Valley College
  • 3095 Yerba Buena Rd
  • San Jose, CA 95135
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