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    'Remain in Mexico' is another brick in Trump’s invisible wall
    12-16-18 Now that President Trump has done everything he can to eliminate asylum access on the U.S. border, he is attempting to enlist Mexico’s newly minted President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, in a comprehensive scheme to block asylum seekers from gaining protection in the United States. Recent reports of negotiations over a “remain in Mexico” plan indicate that this bilateral agreement would keep asylum seekers in Mexico while U.S. immigration courts consider and adjudicate their asylum claims. UN agencies, international human rights organizations, and even U.S. government agencies have produced overwhelming evidence of the humanitarian crisis that is causing many Central Americans to flee. The violence inflicted by the gangs in Central America, and the utter failure of their governments to protect them leave these individuals and families with no choice but to flee.
    #ImReady Movement
    The #ImReady Movement raises visibility around self-identified AAPI women and our experiences with #MeToo, racial discrimination, war, immigration, and more. It also celebrates the leadership and power of AAPI women in Education, Business, Technology, and Politics. We do this work in solidarity with other communities of color.
    'It IS bad there': Emails reveal Trump officials pushing for immigrant protection terminations
    8/27/18 There was a simple explanation in October 2017 when a Department of Homeland Security official was asked why a memo justifying ending immigrant protections for Central Americans made conditions in those countries sound so bad. "The basic problem is that it IS bad there," the official wrote. Nevertheless, he agreed to go back and see what he could do to better bolster the administration's decision to end the protections regardless. The revelation comes in a collection of internal emails and documents made public Friday as part of an ongoing lawsuit over the decision to end temporary protected status for hundreds of thousands of immigrants who live in the US, most of whom have been here for well over a decade.
    1 in 8 children in California schools have an undocumented parent
    4/23/17 Undocumented children as well as U.S. citizen children with undocumented relatives have experienced heightened anxieties for several years as a result of deportation policies begun under President George W. Bush and tightened ones under President Barack Obama. But according to school officials, those anxieties have reached new heights since Donald Trump's inauguration, with possible consequences on their ability to focus on school work, the willingness of parents to attend school events, or even to bring their children to school.
    10,000 Degrees
    By helping students from low-income backgrounds become the first in their families to graduate from college, we have started a growing movement for change: the I AM ONE DEGREE movement. Through workshops and one-on-one sessions, we help students select a college, then complete applications for enrollment and financial aid. This includes completing the FAFSA and identifying additional scholarship opportunities. We help students leverage an average of $16,458 in additional free financial aid per year. Students enter college with sustainable resources and a thorough plan to pay for college. Key Words: Undocumented, Education, Financial Aid
    108 Members of Congress Sign Letter Protesting Separation of Families
    6/7/18 Congressmembers state their opposition to the policy of separating families to send a message to immigrants. They ask that resources be redirected from border enforcement to family reunification. Contains a large array of support research and documents.
    15 Common Arguments Against Immigration, Addressed
    Aug 11, 2016 by The Foundation for Economic Education - Alex Nowrasteh, the immigration policy analyst at the Cato Institute's Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity, addresses some of the most common anti-immigrant arguments with historical evidence and research.
    2014 Voices of Change Report - Nuestro Futuro Initiative
    2014. The findings from over 6 months of community surveys and focus groups carried out by the Hispanic Foundation across San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. More than 2,200 individuals participated. The majority of participants were immigrants, women, and low-income individuals with less than a high school education. In addition, most of the respondents had never been asked to give their input on quality of life issues before the survey. Key Words: Spanish, Latino, Hispanic
    2016 Beacon of Light Awards
    2/26/17 The US has a deep-rooted history as a nation of immigrants. The County of Santa Clara's Office of Immigrant Relations acknowledges that Silicon Valley's success as an economic leader of the world is to a great extent the result of the hard work of immigrants. Immigrants have contributed countless hours of work, their own capital and ingenuity to help make this region globally recognized. The Beacon of Light Awards are given as a symbol of the torch that is held by the Statue of Liberty. The light is a reflection of the hopes and the dreams of immigrants for a bright beginning in a new country.
    2016 California Laws Protecting & Providing Humanitarian Relief for Immigrant Youth
    On January 1, 2016 two new California Laws Protecting & Providing Humanitarian Relief for Immigrant Youth took effect. AB 899 is a new law that clarifies that California law does not permit the automatic sharing of confidential information from juvenile court proceedings with any federal official, including immigration officials. AB 900 is a new California law that will provide better support and protection for unaccompanied, undocumented youth between the ages of 18 and 20 in California.
    2016 SCC Hunger Action Summit - Too Hungry to Learn
    Presentations at the annual Santa Clara County Hunger Action Summit, focusing on the Impact of food security and nutrition on children's health and academic achievement. Key Words: Poverty, school, research, report, education, school
    2017 Consumer Action Handbook
    Use the Consumer Action Handbook (CAH) to get help with consumer purchases, problems and complaints. Find consumer contacts at hundreds of companies and trade associations, local, state, and federal government agencies, national consumer organizations, and more. Key Words: Directory | 2014 Spanish Guide |
    2018 Interfaith Calendar
    A listing of 2018 dates of the primary sacred times for world religions. Very convenient to avoid conflicts when scheduling events for multi-cultural populations.
    2018 NCSL Report on State Immigration Laws
    This report from the National Conference of State Legislatures summarizes the lmmigrant related laws passed in each state during 2018. The laws focused around Professional Licensing, Sanctuary Policies, Education, Civics, and Refugees.
    2018 San Jose Vietnamese Leadership Acadamy
    7/6/18 In 2018 the San Jose Office of Immigrant Affairs partnered with VietUnity and Sacred Heart to pilot two Civic Leaders Academies, one for the Latino (in Spanish) and another for the Vietnamese community. The programs were designed to encourage leadership and civic engagement in the ethnic communities. VietUnity produced this video of the Vietnamese American Civic Leaders Academy. Participants graduated after 7 weeks of learning, bonding, and building leadership. Key Words:
    2018 Top 10 Reasons for Denial of H1-B Visas
    Bay Area technology firms rely heavily on the H-1B, lobbying to increase the annual 85,000 cap on new visas. But the visa has come under attack in the wake of reports of abuse by outsourcing companies, and critics charge that businesses use the H-1B to supplant American workers with cheaper foreign labor. The administration of President Donald Trump has promised to reform the visa program to root out abuse, and has imposed new rules for applicants.
    2019 Financial Literacy Annual Report
    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (Bureau) issued its Financial Literacy Annual Report for fiscal year 2019. Promoting savings has also been a key part of the agency’s work. The Bureau launched Start Small, Save Up, an initiative to encourage the public to save and be better prepared for emergencies or unplanned expenditures. As part of the initiative, the Bureau launched a Savings Boot Camp, a multi-week email course to guide people through the fundamentals of savings. The Dodd-Frank Act requires the Bureau to report on its work to provide consumers with information to make informed decisions about financial products.
    2019 Health Security and Preparedness Index Assesses all 50 States
    The National Health Security Preparedness Index tracks the nation's progress in preparing for, responding to, and recovering from disasters and other large-scale emergencies that pose risks to health and well-being in the United States. Using more than 100 different measures ranging from flu vaccination rates, number of hospitals, and presence of food inspection programs; to infrastructure and planning measures such as participation in drills by public health laboratories, percentage of people covered by wireless 911, and hazard planning for public schools the Index provides a composite score that reflects the most comprehensive picture of health security preparedness available.
    A listing of 2019 dates of the primary sacred times for world religions including Judaism, Islam, Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, Baha'i, Zoroastrian, Sikh, Shinto, Jain, Confucian, Daoist, Native American, Materialism, Secular Humanism and more. . Very convenient to avoid conflicts when scheduling events for multi-cultural populations.
    2019 Silicon Valley Index
    The Silicon Valley Index has been telling the Silicon Valley story since 1995. Released early every year, the Index is a comprehensive report based on indicators that measure the strength of our economy and the health of our community—highlighting challenges and providing an analytical foundation for leadership and decision-making.Produced by JOINT VENTURE SILICON VALLEY. Key Words: Santa Clara County, SCC, research, demographics
    2020 MediCal Expansion Covers Young Adults
    1/1/2020 Starting January 1st, 2020 all income-eligible Californians under the age of 26 will be able to get free full-scope Medi-Cal, regardless of their immigration status. This Fact Sheet by CIPC (CA Immigrant Policy Center) outlines eligibility and how to apply. If Public Charge rules are enacted, this will not be counted because it is state funded. Key Words: Health, undocumented, ALLIES4
    2020 New Americans Fellowship (NAF)
    The NAF is a leadership pipeline for DACA recipients. Managed by the Office of Immigrant Relations, the NAF offers career development and a stipend to cover living expenses. Fellows are placed in various County departments and gain transferable, professional skills such as: *Research and policy analysis *Public communication and group facilitation *Graphic design and marketing *Develop knowledge to intergovernmental processes *Project support and management *County software *Serve as ambassadors to improve and expand immigrant *integration Application Deadline March 8th.
    2020 SCC Summer Government Fellowship Program Applications Open Until January 10, 2020
    The Santa Clara County Government Fellowship Program was developed to engage students enrolled in post-secondary educational institutions by placing them in County Agencies, Departments and Board Offices that are developing and implementing high priority policies and initiatives or that have high demand job classifications. The goal of the Program is to create a mutually beneficial experience for both students and the County by matching students with County departments based on the students’ interests, skills, and future career goals, so that the students will seriously consider a career in the County. Key Words: ALLIES5
    2020 census citizenship debate erodes trust in Santa Clara County
    7/15/19 On Thursday, the president announced that he’s backing down on his efforts of including the question after admitting that an ongoing, raging legal battle would interfere with printing materials on time, citing instead that he would be seeking the information from existing federal records. Despite the president throwing in the towel, little has been done to temper anxiety from local leaders who say that the president has instilled mistrust among immigrant communities that will potentially affect participation.
    211 Bay Area Information
    211 Santa Clara County is a free, non-emergency, confidential, 3 digit phone number and online database service that provides streamlined 24/7 access to critical health and human services in 6 counties. Multi-language: over 170 languages Area: Counties of San Francisco, San Mateo, Napa, Marin, Santa Clara, and Solano. Key Words: food, housing, employment, health care, counseling, disaster

    Records 1 to 25 of 1323 Resources Found