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    GOVERNMENT - Mt. View Suspends Evictions until May 31st
    During their March 27 emergency meeting, Mountain View City Councilmembers passed an urgency ordinance to suspend renter evictions due to nonpayment of rent through May 31, 2020, if a resident can show COVID-19 related hardships. Key Words: Housing, COVID-19
    #ImReady Movement
    The #ImReady Movement raises visibility around self-identified AAPI women and our experiences with #MeToo, racial discrimination, war, immigration, and more. It also celebrates the leadership and power of AAPI women in Education, Business, Technology, and Politics. We do this work in solidarity with other communities of color.
    10 Facts About Access to Health Insurance for Immigrants and Their Families
    11/19/19 The Trump Administration’s ongoing efforts to restrict immigration is increasing fear and confusion among immigrants and their families. According to reports, enrollment is declining among immigrants and their families who are eligible for health insurance affordability programs (including Medicaid, the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and ACA marketplace coverage with tax credits/subsidies). Last year, one in seven adults in immigrant families reported avoiding public benefits out of fear. Nearly half of community health centers report that, during the past year, immigrant patients declined to enroll themselves in Medicaid. And nearly 40 percent of health centers report parents have declined coverage for their children. Key Words: ALLIES4
    10,000 Degrees
    By helping students from low-income backgrounds become the first in their families to graduate from college, we have started a growing movement for change: the I AM ONE DEGREE movement. Through workshops and one-on-one sessions, we help students select a college, then complete applications for enrollment and financial aid. This includes completing the FAFSA and identifying additional scholarship opportunities. We help students leverage an average of $16,458 in additional free financial aid per year. Students enter college with sustainable resources and a thorough plan to pay for college. Key Words: Undocumented, Education, Financial Aid
    2019 TRUTH Act Forum
    Questions Posed and County responses at the TRUTH Act Community Forum held on 12/10/19. The Santa Clara County Office of Immigrant Relations (OIR), Division of Equity and Social Justice (DESJ), facilitated and coordinated the TRUTH Act forum, for the purpose of providing information to the community and consider public comment regarding SCC law enforcement agencies' provision of access or information to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) during 2018. OIR held the forum in collaboration with the Forum for Immigrant Rights & Empowerment (FIRE) Coalition of SCC, which is composed of the following: Services, Immigrant Rights & Education Network (SIREN), Silicon Valley De-Bug, Asian Law Alliance, Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC), Pangea Legal Services, People Acting in Community Together (PACT), Sacred Heart Community Service Agency, Stanford Law School Immigrants' Rights Clinic, and YMCA Silicon Valley. Key Words: ALLIES3, Deport
    2020 New Americans Fellowship (NAF)
    The NAF is a leadership pipeline for DACA recipients. Managed by the Office of Immigrant Relations, the NAF offers career development and a stipend to cover living expenses. Fellows are placed in various County departments and gain transferable, professional skills such as: *Research and policy analysis *Public communication and group facilitation *Graphic design and marketing *Develop knowledge to intergovernmental processes *Project support and management *County software *Serve as ambassadors to improve and expand immigrant *integration Application Deadline March 8th.
    2020 SCC Social Services Resource Guide
    1/2020 Updated 68 page Resource Directory for SCC low income residents including food, housing, health care, mental health, children's services, transportation, employment, immigration, citizenship, education, emergency services, disaster and more. Key Words: ALIES1, Santa Clara County, CalWorks, Multi-language
    2020 SCC Summer Government Fellowship Program Applications Open Until January 10, 2020
    The Santa Clara County Government Fellowship Program was developed to engage students enrolled in post-secondary educational institutions by placing them in County Agencies, Departments and Board Offices that are developing and implementing high priority policies and initiatives or that have high demand job classifications. The goal of the Program is to create a mutually beneficial experience for both students and the County by matching students with County departments based on the students’ interests, skills, and future career goals, so that the students will seriously consider a career in the County. Key Words: ALLIES5
    211 Bay Area Information
    COVID-19 Update - Text Coronavirus to 211211 for information on response efforts throughout the Bay Area. Referrals to new distribution locations and schedule for food box pick-up, and box meal distribution for children under 18. Food deliveries for those in quarantine or ill.
    211 Santa Clara County is a free, non-emergency, confidential, 3 digit phone number and online database service that provides streamlined 24/7 access to critical health and human services in f counties. Multi-language: over 170 languages Area: Counties of San Mateo, Napa, Solano , Marin and Santa Clara Key Words: food, housing, employment, health care, counseling, disaster, SCC,
    211 California
    CA 211 links to Community, health, and disaster information (24-hour) for most California counties. Find community services near you - child care, senior services, counseling, food, shelter, job services, housing, employment, health care, and much more. Multi-language Key Words: I&R,
    3 Ways to Make a 'Breath Break' Part of Your Daily Routine
    The deep, methodical breathing works by stimulating the vagus nerve, which in turn triggers a calming response in the body. “Slowing your breath can lower your heart rate, release tension, and calm your nervous system, relieving symptoms of stress and anxiety,” she explains. “It can also help take the focus (away) from thoughts that may be causing you tension, (and moving it) to your breath.” This article describes three breath exercises to kick things off.
    4C's Child Care Referrals
    4C's is the Child Care R&R agency mandated by the California Department of Education to provide services to families who live and work in Santa Clara County, California. We serve as the community child care link and our referral services to parents are free and confidential. For additional information or to RSVP please contact 4C Council. (408) 487-0749 English / Spanish Key Words: Key Words: ALLIES7
    A Grown-Up’s Guide to Using Technology with Young Children
    2019 The Center for Early Learning at Silicon Valley Community Foundation has partnered with Common Sense Media, the leading independent nonprofit organization dedicated to helping kids thrive in a world of media and technology, to create this resource. It was created to be a resource that recognized that technology will be used with young children in today’s complex world of different household makeups – from multiple generations living under the same roof, to single parents working more than one job, to stay-at-home parents caring for multiple children all day long, to friends and relatives acting as a child’s primary caregiver . We recognize that the confusion and challenges surrounding using technology with young children (for the purpose of this guide, from birth through age 8) vary widely depending on the child’s age, so we divided the guide into sections based on age brackets: 0-2, 3-5 and 6-8. Key Words: ALLIES7
    A Guide to Creating “Safe Space” Policies for Early Childhood Programs
    Early childhood programs play an important role in the lives of young children and their families. But in our current immigration policy climate, families across the country are questioning whether it’s safe to attend or enroll. Providers can take steps to protect families’ safety and privacy by implementing policies that designate their facilities as a safe space from immigration enforcement. This guide from CLASP explains federal agency guidance related to “sensitive locations,” provides information about designing and implementing “safe space” policies, and includes sample policy text that early childhood providers can adapt for their programs. Key Words: ALLIES7, RRN
    A New America
    Working with traditionally challenged communities, which include new Americans (new citizens, refugees and immigrants), women, minorities and low to moderate income households, to empower them to make  their American dream a reality while contributing to the economic growth and social capital of their communities. Offices in Berkeley, San Jose and Oakland, CA Key Words: Education, Immigrant Integration, IDA, Individual Development Accounts, ALLIES3
    AA Online and Phone Meeting Directory
    International Directory of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings on line or by telephone with meeting descriptions and instructions on how to participate. Key Words: Recovery, Mental Health, Addiction
    ACLU of Northern California
    The ACLU, based in SF, works to protect civil liberties in this region of the country. We are at the forefront of every civil liberties battle - from the rights of immigrants and reproductive rights to abolition of the death penalty and the rights of lesbians and gay men. Multi-language: | Spanish |
    AILA (American Immigration Lawyers Association) Northern CA
    Association of immigration lawyers established to promote justice, advocate for fair and reasonable immigration law and policy. Over 700 immigration attorneys on the list to provide immigration legal services and court representation. Lawyer Referral List | National resources for attorneys - a place for shared material and information on legal issues involving immigrants. SCC OIR List
    AMURT's mission is to help improve the quality of life for the poor and disadvantaged people of the world, and those affected by calamity and conflict. We encourage and enable individuals and communities to harness their own resources for securing the basic necessities of life and for gaining greater economic, social and spiritual fulfillment, while honoring their customs, language, and religious beliefs. Key Words: Refugee
    APA Family Support Services
    APAFSS is San Francisco's foremost advocate and service provider for at-risk Asian and Pacific Islander children and their families. Created with the goal of providing culturally competent services for new Asian immigrants in the community, we have since branched out, our services are made available to families of all ethnicities. 8 SF Locations. Key Word: API Multi-Language Outreach: Cambodian , Laotian, Cantonese , Spanish, Vietnamese, Mandarin , Thai, Tagalog
    ASIAN AMERICAN FEMINIST ANTIBODIES {care in the time of coronavirus}
    With the COVID-19 pandemic neither behind us or solely ahead of us, this zine offers a way to make meaning of the coronavirus crisis through long-standing practices of care that come out of Asian American histories and politics. We bring together first-hand accounts and analyses from our communities, including health and service workers and caregivers on the frontlines, students, people living with chronic illness, journalists, and organizers. Together, this collection of stories, essays, and artwork shows how we experience, resist, and grapple with a viral outbreak that has been racialized as Asian, is spoken of in the language of contagion and invasion, and reveals the places where our collective social safety net is particularly threadbare.
    ASISTA seeks to enhance the security, independence, and full participation in society of immigrant and refugee survivors of gender-based violence by promoting integrated holistic approaches and educating those whose actions and attitudes affect women who experience violence. Provides comprehensive, cutting edge technical assistance and resources to those assisting non-citizen survivors of violence in the immigration law arena. Trains lawyers, domestic violence and sexual assault advocates, law enforcement personnel, and civil and criminal court judges. Key Words: U-Visa, T-Visa, Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence, Workplace Violence, Language: Spanish
    Brinda consejos para educadores sobre el autocuidado. Este folleto, que forma parte del documento Caja de Herramientas Para Educadores Para el Manejo de Trauma Infantil, incluye información sobre cómo trabajar con niños traumatizados y consejos para el autocuidado cuando se trabaja con estos niños. Esta es la versión en español de Self Care for Educators. From NCTSN (National Child Traumatic Stress Network) Key Words: Mental Health, Spanish
    About ESL
    Contains a variety of lesson plans, articles, and resources for every level of ESL Teacher and student. Sign up to receive email of free daily lessons. Key Words: Instructor Resource, Student Resource
    Active Minds - Student Mental Health Resources
    The nation’s premier nonprofit organization supporting mental health awareness and education for students We are dedicated to saving lives and to building stronger families and communities. Through education, research, advocacy, and a focus on students and young adults ages 14–25, Active Minds is opening up the conversation about mental health and creating lasting change in the way mental health is talked about, cared for, and valued in the US. Multi-language: Spanish Key Words: ALLIES4

    Records 1 to 25 of 757 Resources Found